Automate your tax and salary payments

Say goodbye to missed tax deadlines and complex salary payments with Salary Pay from Scube.

Goodbye problems...

Do you experience hassle with your payroll and tax payments? Have you ever missed the tax payment deadline? Say goodbye to these problems and activate Salary Pay for your favourite accounting package today.

Automate your payments

Authorised wages or tax payments are automatically fetched from your accounting package and can be easily authorised in Salary Pay. You are notified when new payments are available and reminded when salary and tax payments are due.

No bank log-in required

With Salary Pay you no longer need to manually upload your wages and tax payments in your bank portal. Salary Pay sends payments to your nominated bank after approval in the Salary Pay App (available for both iOS and Android).

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Take control of your salary and tax payments today

Download the Salary Pay App today and say goodbye to salary and tax payment headaches

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