Introducing your new AI-powered CFO.

Say hello to your new financial assistant, financial expert, and financial advisor. Scube removes the pain from managing your business finances, giving you the freedom to do what you do best.


Your (virtual) flexible friend…

Financial Assistant

Scube streamlines and automates many of your current financial tasks, from balancing the books, chasing collections, automatically making payments, scheduling pay roll, and much more.

Financial Expert

The finance industry can often appear complex and confusing. Scube cuts through the jargon, highlighting potential problems and explaining practical implication sin a straightforward manner.

Financial Advisor

Knowing about a potential issue is not enough. Scube actively advises and recomends actions, presenting practical solutions and options covering funding, insurance or investments.

Real world insights.
Real world benefits.

Scube is build upon a unique AI heritage and payments expertise, developed over three decades. Being able to view and analysis the entire business finance processes, Scube utilises AI machine learning technology to foresee and predict problems before they occur, giving you powerful insight and the tools to act.

With Scube you can

  • Benefit from intelligent AI financial health checks and advice
  • Have payments automatically reschedule to prevent cash flow constraints
  • Access a wider range of financial services, including funding options previously unavailable

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