Streamline your payments processes with Loket, Nmbrs & VvAA

Salary Pay integrates with our partners Loket, Nmbrs and VvAA for comprehensive salary, tax and pension payments and administration.


Automated HR Admin

Holiday Management

Leave can be requested and managed with full visibility for employers and employees, showing the current leave balance and all approved holidays taken.


With Loket you are alerted to all contract anniversaries with the ability to set customised alerts by employee, position or department.

Digital HR

All HR detals including contracts, salary, holidays and other records are seccurertlly accessible in the Loket HR file - no searching across networks or computers.


Streamline Tasks

Task Management

Nmbrs assists with all daily HR tasks so you have more time for the activities that are really important. Such as making optimal use of current and new employees

Easy Integration

By means of the open API of Nmbrs, it can be easily and securely linked to existing and new applications for the ideal digital HR strategy.

Streamlines Processes

Ensures knowledge and experience is used where it is needed and reduces the turnaround time for routine activities to deliver a higher quality service.


Salary administration

Healthcare Specialists

More than 125,000 care providers are members of the VvAA Association - an organisation focused on supporting health care providers with salary administration tools and services.

Ease of Outsouring

No more worrying about payroll and personnel administration with automated workflows for employee contracts, payroll and pensions administration.

Continuity and expertise

VvAA handles administrative obligations, for your staff and regulatory bodies. Your administration in the hands of specialists with specific knowledge of your industry.

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